Top 3 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

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Here Are The Best 3 Programming Languages Which You Should Learn In 2019.

1. Python

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This may surprise you; I have kept python on number #2, in many of the surveys it is positioned on number #5. But, I will definitely let you believe, here’s why?

Python is one of the general-purpose, user-friendly programming language here on my list. What makes it so? Like Java, Python syntax is clear, intuitive and almost similar to the English language. Python’s “object-based” subset is somewhere similar to JavaScript.

According to Stack Overflow, there is one section which says “To be adopted or migrated to be—or to migrate too soon”, and for python, it’s 12% which is highest. Broadly, people who have migrated to python are close to 42%, which signifies it to be at number #2.

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If you are interested in making your career in back-end development, like Django – Open source framework, is written in python, which makes it easy to learn and feature-packed, yet popular. Also, Python has a variety of applications that make it a versatile and powerful.

Being so popular in areas like scientific computing, and machine learning and engineering, Python supports a programming style that uses simple functions and variables without much interrogating in class definitions.

2. Java

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If anybody asks why java, most frequent sentence comes up would be “write once, run everywhere” – Java has been the ruling programming language for the last 20 years. Java is 99% object-oriented and is robust as java objects contain no references to data external to themselves. It is simpler than C++ because Java uses automatic memory allocation and garbage collection.

Java is highly cross-platform compatible or platform-independent. Since you can code anywhere (I mean on all devices), compile into low-level machine code, and finally, execute on any platform using JVM – Java Virtual Machine (which is platform dependent).

Java forms the base for the Android operating system and opted around 90% Fortune 500 Companies for making a variety of back-end applications. I would not hesitate for taking the biggest sensation Apache Hadoop data processing, run by Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

With so many good reasons and a wide range of business applications, possessing immense flexibility and java is all time beginners’ favorite.

3. C/CP

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“Old is gold” – C has proved this quote in different ways. Being introduced in the late 1970s, C has made a strong contribution to the world of programming.

C has been the parent language of a handful; some are either derived from C or inspired by its syntax, constructs, and paradigms, including Java, Objective-C, and C#.

Even, nowadays, it is seen, whenever there is a need to build high-performance applications, C remains the most popular choice.

Linux OS is C based. And CPP is the hybrid version of C. C++ is an object-oriented programming language and which is built on C; therefore it is preferred over others for designing higher-level applications.

C++ is seeing as more performing than dynamically typed languages because the code is type-checked before it is executed on real grounds. Core areas of developments are Virtual Reality, gaming, computer graphics, etc.

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In Short, The Three Most Advanced Programmable Languages Of 2019 Are Python, Java, And C/CP. If You Learn Any Of These, You Rock.

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