The 5 Key Features Of Web 2.0 In 2019

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Do You Know Any Of The Key Feature Of 2.0? If Yes, Wait And If No, Wait Too. Here Are The 5 Key Features Of Web 2.0 In 2019


In tradition web, the information is often provided by the site owner and the user is always the receiver. The information model was One Way. On the other hand, Web 2.0 user also contributes to the content by means of Evaluation, Review & Commenting.

The typical example is the – customer review section & Google’s Page Rank mechanism


The traditional web was like a retail business the product is sold directly to the user and the revenue generated. But in web 2.0 the niche product is not sold directly but offered as a service on-demand basis and income is generated as a monthly fee and pay per consumption.

The typical example is salesforce CRM services and Google Apps

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In traditional web, the contents are solely provided by the web site owner /company, but in web 2.0 the users participate in content sourcing. This is also known as Crowdsourcing.

The typical examples are Wikipedia & YouTube.


In traditional web, the contents are protected under Intellectual Property Rights but on the other hand, in web 2.0 the contents are made available to share, reuse, redistribute and edit.

The typical examples of Wikipedia & Creative Common


In traditional web, the contents were delivered as a direct site to home. But in web 2.0, the content delivery uses multiple channels include file sharing & permalinks.

The typical examples are Bit Torrent and Mashup

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In Short, The Top 5 Features Of Web 2.0 Are:

  1. User as a Contributor
  2. Long Tail
  3. User Participation
  4. Basic Trust
  5. Dispersion.

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