How To Get Your First 10K Traffic

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Hmmm, You Are Not Getting Enough Traffic On Your Content.

Hey, I Am Writing Great Content But I Am Not Getting Enough Traffic On My Content.

Hey, I Am Writing A Lot Of Content But Why Am I Not Getting Enough Traffic.

What Am I Doing Wrong, I Am Writing A Lot Of Content But Still Not Getting The Required Traffic.

Well, I Got A Lot Of Similar Questions Like That.

Now, Let Me Tell You The Thing Which You Are Doing Wrong.


I Put It First For Anyone Who Asks Such Questions.

Look You Cannot Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Traffic On Day One, Especially If You Are Not Popular Like Celebrities And You Are Starting A New Blog.

Think, If You Are Writing Content Which Is Not Good Enough Or People Are Not Willing To Read It, How Can You Get Traffic.

You Will Slowly Get Results.

You Need To Be Patient And Wait, It Could Take More Than 3 Months To Get Results.

Do Not Leave Hard Work, You’ll Get The Results Soon.

If You Follow This, You’ll Soon Get A Lot Of Traffic.

Sharing Your Content In Wrong Way

If You Wrote A Lovely Content On Day One And Started Sharing It On Different Social Media Platforms, But You Are Not Getting Traffic From There, Actually What You Are Doing Wrong Because You Are Sharing It With People Of The Wrong Interest.

Try To Reach Out The People Who Are Interested In Your Niche.

Go And Join Such Groups, Like Such Pages And Then Share It Out There.

You’ll Get Results Soon.

Writing On Fresh Topics

Hmmm, This Sound A Bit Interesting To You, Yup Right, Fresh Topic Means To Right On Those Topics Which Are Not Available Before Or If Available, Then You Need To Be Better Then That.

For Example, If I Am Your Competitor In This Case, And If I Had Written An Article On “7 Ways To Lose Weight”, And If You Want To Write Article On The Same Topic, If I Rank For This, You Need To Right Something Very Better Than Me, That Is ” 107 Ways To Lose Weight”.

This Way You Can Easily Out Rank Me Because You’ve Written More Better And Detailed Article Than Me.

Chances Are You, Will, Get More Traffic.

So If You Follow These Essentials Steps, You’ll Probably Get The First 10K Traffic On Your Blog.


In Short, If You Follow These Three Essentials Steps, Which Are Patience, Sharing Your Content Through The Right Audience And Writing On Fresh Topics, Chances Are Way More Of Getting Your First 10K Traffic Within A Month.

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