Google Analytics And Google Search Console, The Must-Have Tools In 2019

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If You Had A Website And You Are Not Using Google Analytics And Google Search Console, You Are Doing Wrong Because These Two Tools Had Best Benefits For You.

These Two Tools Have Hundreds Of Cool Features Which Can Help You A Lot In Your Success.

Google Analytics

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Build A Complete Picture.

Analytics makes it easy to understand how your site and app users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not. See how people are interacting with your sites and apps and the role that different channels play by viewing robust reports and dashboards. You can even connect systems used to measure CRM, points of sale, and other touchpoints with your customers for a more complete view.

Get Insights Only Google Can Give

Use Google’s unique machine learning capabilities to discover new insights from your data — such as which users are likely to convert or which customers have high revenue potential.

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Connect Your Insights To Results.

Analytics is built to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products so you can use your insights from Analytics to help you reach the right customers. Connect Analytics with Display & Video 360, Google Ads, AdSense, AdMob, and Ad Manager. Create remarketing lists using your Analytics data and then easily access them in Display & Video 360 and Google Ads.

Make Your Data Work For You.

Analyze data quickly and encourage collaboration with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports. Process and share huge amounts of data in a snap, while using our configuration APIs to keep things flexible and fully programmatic. Analytics also offers built-in technical support and a global infrastructure that delivers secure, accurate data across your sites and apps while staying fully under your control.

The Finer Points

Analytics helps you understand how people use your sites and apps, so you can take action to improve their experience. Discover what Google Analytics can do by checking out the features list below:

Analytics Intelligence

Get fast answers to questions about your analytics data, uncover insights about how your business is performing, and tap into sophisticated modeling capabilities.

Answers to Your Questions
Proactive Insights
User and Conversion Modeling

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Understand how customers are interacting with your site and apps, and easily share insights across your organization with a variety of reporting tools.

Audience Reports

Advertising Reports

Acquisition Reports

Behavior Reports

Conversion Reports

Real-Time Reporting
User Flow Reporting
Data Freshness (Analytics 360 Only)
Unsampled Reports (Analytics 360 Only)
Roll-Up Reporting (Analytics 360 Only)

Data Analysis and Visualization

Analytics provides many ways to access, organize, and visualize your data to suit your business needs.
Data Access
Filtering and Manipulation

Funnel Analysis

Visualization and Monitoring
Custom Funnels (Analytics 360 Only)
Advanced Analysis (Analytics 360 Only)

Data Collection and Management

Analytics helps you organize and manage your data.

Collection APIs
Tag Management Support
Configuration APIs
Custom Variables
Data Import
User Access Controls

Custom Tables (Analytics 360 Only)
Google BigQuery Export (Analytics 360 Only)

Data Activation

Make smarter marketing decisions informed by your data.
Intelligence and Anomaly Detection

Predictive Analysis
App Notifications and Remote Configs
Audience Demographics


Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with other Google solutions and partner products, saving your time and increasing efficiency.

Go to Integration Center
Google Ads
Display & Video 360 (Analytics 360 Only)

Search Ads 360 (Analytics 360 Only)
Surveys 360
Optimize 360
Google AdSense
Google Cloud (Analytics 360 Only)
Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration (Analytics 360 Only)
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration (Analytics 360 Only)
Data Studio
Google Ad Manager (Analytics 360 Only)
Google Search Console

Understand your options.

Analytics offers small business and enterprise solutions to help you see what’s working and fix what’s not.

Choose the best solution for your business.

Decide which Analytics solution is right for you. Then sign up for free or talk to a sales representative to get started.


Start for free

Analytics 360

Talk to salesPerfect for…Individuals and small to medium-sized companies larger enterprises that need it all multiple data collection options across websites, apps, and internet-connected devices


Data access via mobile app, API, email notifications, and more


The advanced site and app reporting and segmentation (including real-time and user-centric reporting)


Native data onboarding integrations with…Google AdsAdSense, and Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)Google AdsAdSense, Ad Manager, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager, and Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)Native remarketing integrations with…Google AdsGoogle Ads and Display & Video 360Integration with Google BigQueryN/A


Integration with salesforce/A


Advanced Analysis N/A


Funnel reportingBasicAdvanced, customizable funnel reportingAttribution modelingBasicAdvanced, including data-driven model cross-property roll-up reporting N/A


Number of views per propertyMax 200Max 400Custom dimensions and metrics per property20 custom dimensions and metrics200 custom dimensions and metrics data freshness not guaranteed 4 hours under SLA (usually faster)Unlimited data N/A


Unsampled reporting N/A


Access to raw data N/A


User and account administration


Support and services self-service help center and community forumsServices, support and SLAs provided by Google and global partner network payment options Free Invoiced monthly.

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Google Search Console

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About Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but the Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.

Search Console offers tools and reports for the following actions:

  • Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site.
  • Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • View Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears in Google Search, which searches queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more.
  • Receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
  • Show you which sites link to your website.
  • Troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other search features.

Who Should Use Search Console?

Anyone with a website! From generalist to specialist, from newbie to advanced, Search Console can help you.

  • Business Owners: Even if you won’t be using Search Console yourself, you should be aware of it, become familiar with the basics of optimizing your site for search engines and know what features are available in Google Search.
  • SEO specialists or marketers: As someone focused on online marketing, Search Console will help you monitor your website traffic, optimize your ranking, and make informed decisions about the appearance of your site’s search results. You can use the information in the Search Console to influence technical decisions for the website and do sophisticated marketing analysis in conjunction with other Google tools like Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads.
  • Site Administrators: As a site admin, you care about the healthy operation of your site. Search Console lets you easily monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware. You can also use it to ensure any site maintenance or adjustments you make happen smoothly with respect to search performance.
  • Web Developers: If you are creating the actual markup and/or code for your site, Search Console helps you monitor and resolve common issues with markup, such as errors in structured data.

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Get started with Search Console

How you use Search Console depends on your role, your site, and your personal needs. Read the appropriate section to get started.

What is your role?

Just a little time Not much time to manage my site
If you have a website on an automated web hosting platform like Blogger, Wix, or Squarespace, or run a small business and don’t have much time to put into your website, you might not need to use Search Console at all.
However, it’s still worth reading a little bit about managing your presence in search engines by reading the following guides. A little knowledge can go a long way toward helping people find your site. It should only take about twenty minutes to read these guides.
How does Google Search work? – Read this short guide to understand how Google works.
Get on Google – See the different ways to get your business or identity on various Google products, including Maps, Search, and YouTube.
Optimize your site for search engines – Read this six-point guide about making your website more findable and useful to readers.
Measuring your performance on Google – Is your site on Google? How many people found your site on Google? What is your ranking in search results? What were people searching for when they found your site? Learn how to answer these questions.
If you think your site needs more help than you can provide, you might consider hiring a professional search engine consultant.

Beginning user (willing to learn)

If you’re interested in improving your site’s appearance on Google Search, and you’re willing to put in a little time learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Console, here is your getting started guide.
You don’t need to understand HTML or coding, but you do need to spend some time thinking about how your site is organized and written, and be willing to make some changes to your site. The good news is that a little effort can go a long way in improving your search results.

If you really want to spend some time digging into the reports and redesigning your site, you can really analyze and customize your site’s performance on Google Search. This track assumes that you are familiar with basic SEO practices and terms.

SEO (Advanced User)

Web Developer

If you build or manage the website, implement structured data, or generally do most of your work in a code editor, you’ll use Search Console for monitoring, testing, and debugging your site code. Here are our recommendations:

Get on Google

Do you have content that you want on Google? Here are a few ways to submit it to us.

What content do you have?

A website

Google doesn’t require you to take any special steps to appear in search results, but you can help us find new or changed pages faster by letting us know when you make changes.

  • Search Console – Submit a Sitemap of your website to Google.
  • Structured data – Label your structured content to help users find pages relevant to their search.

A business or person

  • Google for Retail – Promote your products on Google Shopping, Google Offers, and other properties; submit your product catalogs digitally to Google Search.
  • Google for Small Business – See what resources Google offers to help your small business thrive.
  • Google My Business – Get your business on Google Maps.
  • Street View – Invite customers on a virtual tour of your business.
  • Knowledge panel – If you want to manage your identity as a person, business, or organization on Google, you can suggest changes to your knowledge panel entry.

Digital content

  • Google Books and eBooks – Promote your books online and sell your titles through our eBook store.
  • Google News – Share timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to our audience.
  • Scholar – Include scholarly works in Google’s academic index.
  • Google News – Appear in Google News search results, or provide digital editions for a subscription.

Local information

  • Map Content Partners Program – Simplify navigation of your community by improving and enriching our base map.
  • Geo Data Upload – If you’re an aggregator of local content, publish it through Google.
  • Photo Sphere – Photograph and share the world with 360° pictures.
  • Street View – Provide a panoramic virtual tour of your property.
  • Transit Partner Program – Encourage use of public transit by making it easy to locate routes, schedules, and fares.



In Short, These Two Tools Can Change Your Life. Use It As Your Necessary Tools. They Can Benefit You A Lot.

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