5 Reasons Why You Do Not Rank On Google’s Top Page

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Hey, Are You Writing A Lot Of Content?

Did You Spend A Lot Of Time On Writing Large Articles?

Yup, You Probably Doing That But Why Are You Not Ranking On Google’s Top Page?

You Are Putting A Lot Of Energy On Writing Great Content But Still, You Does Not Rank.

You Are Spending A Lot Of Time On Building Links, Even Hundreds Of Links But Still, You Won’t Rank.

You Are Doing Perfect SEO But Still You Are Not Ranking On Google Top Pages.

Don’t Panic, Let Me Tell You The 5 Reasons For That.

1. OLD Content

Yup, You Got It Right, You Are Writing A Lot Of Content Spending A Lot Of Time On Writing Great Content But That Is Way Too Old, Actually People Does Not Want To Look At That Content.

For Example, If You Wrote A 5K Words Article About A Feature Of Twitter, But What That Feature Is Not In Use Anymore. So How Can You Get Traffic, Or How Can You Rank For That.

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As Now A Days There Are A Lots Of Blogs Out There On The Internet, More Than Billion.

So Think If The Article You’ve Written Is Already Available On The Internet Before So How Will Google Rank You For That.

Google Wants Fresh Content, They Rank New Content.

2. Not Promoting Your Content

If You Are Giving A Lot Of Time To Your Articles, You Are Doing Wrong.

Now Let Me Suggest You A Way Of Maximizing Your Time For Blogging.

Let Say You Have A Week.

Try To Give 20% Of Your Time To Writing.

Give 80% Of Your Timing Promoting Your Article.

Now Where To Promote.

Go Find Those People Of Your Intrest And Reach Them Out In Groups, On Instagram Twitter Etc.

3. Quantity Over Quality

The Thing You Are Doing Almost Wrong Is Writing A Ton Of Content, Usually Giving A Lot Of Time In Writing Your Articles.

But The Fact Is Google Checks The Quality Of Your Content.

Let Me Give You An Example.

Think If You’ve Join A Group Of Your Niche.

You Are Posting Three Articles Daily And Sharing It On In The Group And Telling People To Read It Out.

So If You Do This A Week, They Will Say, Hey Is This Man Spamming Us.

And If You Share Two Or Three Articles Full Of Details, They Will Probably Check That.

4. Not Writing On Viral Topics

Hmmm, This Is A Bit Similar To The First One, But Here Is A Little Difference In This Reason.

Go And Do Research That What Are People Looking For?

What Are They Actually Searching For?

You Can Also Use Google Trends For It.

So If You Find A Viral Topic In Your Niche Go And Research About It. If You Found Something Already Written About That Topic, Don’t Worry, Write More Then Him.

If He Had Written 10 Reasons For Doing This, You Write 100 Reasons For Doing This.

This Way You’ll Get More Value, And You’ll Start Ranking Better In Google Results.

5. Not Building Your Brand

These Days Google Gives More Values To Brands.

Think That Because Of Fake News Google Do Not Give Values To Everything.

First You Need To Build A Brand And Then You’ll Be Able To Go Quickly To Top Results.

Now You’ve Got All The Top Points, Go And Try Them, You’ll Soon Rank Better On Google Top Page.

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In Short, I Would Say That If You Wrote Old Content, Does Not Promote Your Content, Write A Lot Of Content In Day, Not Writing On Viral Topics And Not Building Your Brand. You Cannot Rank Better Than Your Competitors. And If You Do These Things Right, Chances Are That You Go Viral.

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